Regulation and Honors

Considering that in financial business, your money and assets are directly provided to companies and brokerages, the risk of your assets is high and a brokerage may violate your assets. For this purpose, new regulatory institutions were created whose job is to review and monitor the performance of brokers. These companies are called regulatory companies.

Forex Awards

Forex Awards mission is in recognizing and rewarding Forex Brokers featuring breakthrough initiatives and excellent results in the industry. The award recipients are top-notch Forex companies, well-balanced and with a creditable reputation. We are proud that we were awarded for winning the nomination “Best Cryptocurrency & Forex Broker 2022.

Certificate of Incorporation

ITB Broker is registered and operates from its active office in St. Louis. St. Louis Country Regulation serves as one of the international forex broker validation centers, overseeing all broker actions and activities with rigorous standards. You can verify the authenticity of International Trading Brachium through the link provided below

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For the assurance of our traders, ITB Brokerage was placed under the prestigious MWALI International Services Authority in 2018 and is currently guaranteed quality and fairness by this internationally recognized regulation.In relation to this regulation, it is worth mentioning that this regulation has rigorous standards and this international Services authority not only regulates the brokerages but also regulates banks and international liquidity providers.MWALI International Services Authority has been active since 1998 and to inquire about our membership, you can visit its main website:

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