Social Responsibility

Together for better world

ITB Broker Charity Fund (coming soon):

Every human being can create peace for others in addition to his own peace. We believe that by promoting the culture of social responsibility as well as efforts and activities in the fields of education, health and livelihood, we can achieve a brighter future and societies with sustainable development. In this regard, we decided to take steps to build a better world by opening a charity fund.We will mention the activities later.Wishing to have better world.

Social Activities

Did you know that 703 million people are deprived of access to clean drinking water which is our most basic need?

Did you know that 244 million children are deprived of the right to education?

Did you know that 296 million people suffer from drug and alcohol addiction for more than 10 years?

In order to build a better world, as the first step of our social responsibility, we are committed to fighting addiction and social deprivation.In this regard, we are setting up several addiction treatment centers in different countries, and to better achieve this goal, we have started cooperation with several international addiction treatment NGOs to increase the scope of our activities.

In the continuation of our social activities, we consider ourselves obliged to help all those who live in deprived environments and have difficulty in meeting their basic needs.

Projects such as equipping and building schools in disadvantaged areas, monthly food baskets for homeless and abusive families, building and equipping medical centers in deprived areas, cooperation with water supply organizations, etc. are our priority and their preparations are being implemented in 29 countries.

Environmental activities

An environmental hazard is a substance condition or event that can threaten the surrounding natural environment or adversely affect human health, including pollution and climate change.

Scientists believe that if nothing is done, global warming could exceed four degrees Celsius, leading to devastating heat waves, millions of people losing their homes to rising sea levels and irreversible loss of plant and animal species.

Our oceans and their habitats are also under threat. For example, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has lost half of its corals since 1995 due to warming seas due to climate change.

Wildfires are on the rise as climate change increases the risk of hot, dry weather.

And as frozen lands melt in places like Siberia, greenhouse gases trapped for centuries are released into the atmosphere, exacerbating climate change.

We firmly believe that education and awareness of the events taking place due to climate change should be a priority for everyone, and therefore we have a long-term plan to provide the necessary education and environmental awareness around the world.

Health Activities

We believe that no one has the right to die due to lack of medical expenses or limited access to medical centers and equipment.

According to official statistics, only 18 million people die every year due to limited access to medical centers and equipment in developed countries. This number is much higher in third world countries.

Also, all war-torn and areas are waiting for health and medical aid.

In this regard, we are trying to be able to cooperate with various charitable foundations in different parts of the world, but also to play a small role in helping patients.

In continuation of health activities, due to the increasing growth of sexual diseases and addiction in teenagers, we focused on education related to the field of children and teenagers. Because we want a bright future for those who hope for better future in our world.

In addition to all these, Donating projects are defined, based on each patient’s medical record and the patient’s needs, the treatment costs of that person are collected and delivered directly to the person.